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Readership of the Journal

Readers of the English Australia Journal are primarily interested in ELT for adult and young adult learners who are international students, learning English away from their home countries. Readers teach programs including General English, English for Academic Purposes, English for Specific Purposes, and academic literacy in a variety of institutions such as private colleges, university language centres, community colleges, and vocational colleges in Australia. They also teach in a variety of international contexts, including primary and high schools. Many of our readers are academic managers and administrators, others are involved with in-service and pre-service teacher training, are teacher educators and academic researchers in universities, and yet others are undertaking postgraduate study and higher degree research.

The Editors of the English Australia Journal encourage relevant contributions from those involved in TESOL teaching, training, research and management within and outside Australia.

No article submission, processing or other charges apply to authors submitting articles to the English Australia Journal.

There are several ways to do this.


Peer-reviewed articles

• Research-based reports (no more than 5000 words)
• Reports on innovative classroom practice (no more than 3000 words)
• Theoretical discussions of TESOL approaches relevant to classroom practice (no more than 3000 words)

Articles pass through an editing process and are blind reviewed by at least two academics.

Click here for detailed guidelines for authors of articles to be peer reviewed.

Classroom Talk

Articles published in this section are generally written by teachers for teachers. Articles are 1000-1200 words and focus on a practical, classroom-based teaching idea or challenging aspect of teaching.

Click here for detailed guidelines for contributors to Classroom Talk.


The Reviews Editor commissions writers to prepare 800-1000 word reviews of print, online and electronic resources relevant to teaching and learning English to international students.

Click here for detailed guidelines for Reviews writers.


Brief Reports

This section provides authors the opportunity to present preliminary findings of a research work-in-progress, a summary of a larger research project in a rhetorical style that makes it accessible for English language teachers, reports of materials development projects and innovations in teaching, and the like. The focus is on presenting empirical data and commenting on its implications, or possibly on new directions for the project. This is a great opportunity for higher degree research students, teachers undertaking action research projects, researchers who have completed larger studies, aspects of which could be recontextualised for language teachers, and others to showcase their work in a short report. Length is 1,500 words including tables and figures. All submissions will be peer- reviewed by two reviewers. 

Click here for detailed guidelines for writing Brief Reports