Teaching and learning

How English Australia supports management, delivery and support of ELICOS

One of English Australia's key strategic goals is to provide leadership in raising educational and professional standards in member colleges, one aspect of which is supporting the professional development of college staff involved in managing, teaching, marketing and administration of ELICOS programs.

English Australia does this for members, and for the industry as a whole, in a number of different ways, including:

  • a national industry conference, the English Australia Conference, for experienced staff from all areas of ELICOS provision, teaching, management, marketing and support;
  • a biannual professional TESOL publication, the English Australia Journal, to provide outcomes of TESOL-related research, good classroom practice and information on resources for teachers;
  • a program of professional awards that recognise and celebrate outstanding contribution to ELICOS by individuals and organisations;
  • a national classroom-based action research program undertaken with support from the Cambridge English Language Assessment;
  • Guides to Best Practice in ELICOS, collating information provided by member institutions who represent the full spectrum of provider types, purposes and locations in Australia, and incorporating current TESOL research;
  • online communities of practice to enable staff at English Australia member colleges share and access expertise regardless of where they work;
  • regular information updates on compliance requirements and government updates as well as professional development opportunities including conferences, seminars and workshops of interest to all those working in institutions that offer ELICOS ; and
  • a program of workshops and seminars organised by the English Australia Secretariat and/or the state and territory branches of English Australia to meet needs of all staff working in member colleges.

These approaches are designed to complement and support other professional development opportunities and approaches available within and to member colleges which may include mentoring programs; in-house workshops utilising skills of member college staff or outside experts; classroom-based research eg action research, exploratory practice; and formal courses such as vocational or post-graduate study.


Professional Development Advisory Group

English Australia has an Advisory Group that contributes to the association's goal of facilitating higher levels of professional practice by:
1. advising on existing and potential English Australia strategies and initiatives to achieve the strategic goal;
2. assisting the Professional Support & Development Officer to develop a strategy to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of English Australia’s professional development initiatives and activities;
3. providing suggestions eg appropriate speakers, topics/themes and content for the English Australia Conference or topics for the annual English Australia ESOL Action Research in ELICOS program and professional development program;
4. facilitating intelligence-sharing and networking within and outside Australian ELICOS & TESOL.

The Advisory Group has wide representation from within and outside English Australia member colleges. For current members of the Group please go to Advisory Groups.