Past Conferences


The first education conference for the ELICOS sector was organised by English Australia (then known as the ELICOS Association) in 1988 in Sydney.

Since then an annual conference has been organised by English Australia in various locations around the country.

In 2008 the conference took a new direction, broadening its focus beyond the classroom to cover all aspects of ELICOS delivery. This has provided a unique opportunity for industry-wide communication and collaboration and has positioned the conference as the ELICOS industry’s annual premier event. 

Presentations, program details and photos from past conferences can be found by following the appropriate link below.



28th English Australia Conference - 2015

Brisbane, Queensland



2015 Conference Summary

2015 Conference Presentations

2015 Conference Photos



27th English Australia Conference - 2014

Melbourne, Victoria



2014 Conference Summary

 2014 Conference Presentations

 2014 Conference Photos


26th English Australia Conference - 2013

Perth, Western Australia


2013 Conference Summary

2013 Conference Presentations

2013 Conference Photos


25th English Australia Conference - 2012

Sydney, New South Wales


2012 Conference Summary

2012 Conference Presentations

2012 Conference Photos


24th English Australia Conference - 2011

Adelaide, South Australia


2011 Conference Summary

2011 Conference Presentations


23rd English Australia Conference - 2010

Gold Coast, Queensland


2010 Conference Summary

2010 Conference Presentations


For details of other past conferences please contact the English Australia Secretariat,