English Australia online communities

Rationale for online communities

English Australia sees the active engagement of member college staff in online communities of practice as a key step towards meeting the association's strategic goal of facilitating higher levels of professional practice.

Online communities make it possible for those with specific skills and interests to communicate easily with others who share the same interests, thus enriching all who participate.

It is hoped that English Australia online communities will become a valued feature of the personal learning networks (PLNs) of member college staff, particularly those working away from the major centres.


Engage with English Australia online

Member college staff can follow English Australia information updates on Twitter  - @English_Aus - and 'Like' English Australia on Facebook for professional development posts. English Australia is also on LinkedIn.


Other online communities

Teachers on Twitter may like to join #AusELT, a hashtag chat forum started by a group of English Australia member college academic managers and supported by English Australia. #AusELT has a blog and a Facebook page. These are open to anyone and we welcome your involvement. Click here to download a poster for your staffroom noticeboard.

Contact English Australia for more information about these initiatives.