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The 2016 English Australia Conference was held in Hobart, Tasmania on 21-23 September. The Conference theme was 'Create, Connect, Collaborate' and the event was a huge success, largely due to the fantastic sessions which were presented. Below are PDFs of speakers' presentation materials organised by day and in alphabetical order by surname.

Please note that the opinions expressed in these presentations do not necessarily represent those of English Australia and that the presentations have not been peer reviewed. Please also note that permission to use material within the presentations should be obtained from the presenter. Contact English Australia for presenters' details at easec@englishaustralia.com.au.

 WEDNESDAY 21 SEPTEMBER Pre-Conference Workshops

 Watch the video of the plenary session delivered by Saul Nasse, Chief Executive, Cambridge English Language  Assessment Creative Transformation  – creating the conditions for more effective language learning

 Performance Art: Managing underperforming teachers and Handout Andy Hockley

 The use of learners' own language in multilingual classrooms Philip Kerr


 Plenary Sessions

 Context embedded teacher education: Create, Connect, Collaborate through a fourth 'C'! Anne Burns

 Making Management Meaningful: A Recipe for the "New Normal" Andy Hockley

 Is there an adaptive solution for you? Philip Kerr (bibliography only - no slides used)

 The industry responds: Teachers' professional identities in Australian English language schools Phiona Stanley

 Concurrent Sessions

Action Research in ELICOS Colloquium 

Using an institution specific Professional Recognition and Development Framework to engage with industry-wide CPD frameworks Pranit Anand & Penny Podimatopoulos

Empowering teachers and students: extending Blackboard & Blended Learning Design Kimberley Baskin & Benjamin Carkagis

Reflections on the ELICOS student experience Kevin Brett, i-graduate

Students on the Silver Screen: Motivating ESL students through making movies Kathleen Doyle & Janine Rainbow

Connecting with the Pearson Test of English Academic Louise FitzGerald

From teacher to trainer and beyond Dave Fox

Teaching Grammar Creatively Jill Hadfield

Invisible Partners: International parents and English study Tina Hou & Linda Resnick

HELP Yourself Resources: How to create quality online resources (economically!) Dr Pamela Humphreys & John Smith

Blended Vocabulary Learning Philip Kerr

Transitioning from General to EAP: it doesn't have to be 'sink' or 'swim'! Selena Kusaka

ASQA Q & A The Hon Michael Lavarch AO

Sales-led or Marketing-led? Standing out in a commoditised sector Sally Ling

Creating Connections - Implications of a learning transfer study of EAP graduates Meredith Macauley

Tapping into our most creative course development resource: teachers! Denise Metzger

Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) Q & A Fiona Perry

Data doesn't have to be boring! Heidi Reid

Overseas Student Ombudsman Connecting with stakeholders to improve the student experience and video (English)/video (other languages) Chris Roberts

Building Schema and Connecting through Listening Mark Switzer

Bring it to the table: Agency, exploration and collegiality through Journal Club Marnie Wirth

Embedding Language Skills in Content-Based Units and Shifting Practice through Collaboration Meg Wyatt & Zbych Trofimiuk


Concurrent Sessions

IELTS- Team Up, Prep & Share! A Cafe Session and Summary handout

Lean ELICOS Ian Aird

A haptic approach to enhanced pragmatic competence Michael Burri & Amanda Baker

Ideas for upskilling sales and marketing staff on a tight budget Ruby Biscuit & Gizelle Rezende

Raising the standard: introducing the English Australia CPD Framework Sarah Bissell & Jennifer Coster

Creating opportunities for students to connect in a global context Sandra Caon-Parsons & Paula Dimmell

Creative Vocabulary: Playing with Meanings Charles Hadfield

Connecting the dots: UTS:INSEARCH Action Research Program Macgregor Haines

Make, Mix, Motivate: Using creative projects in ELICOS programs and Handout Leesa Horn & Melissa Lew

Women's Business Empowering Women in ELT Management , Assertive Communication, Negotiation and Summary of group discussions Aparna Jacob with Sheree Millen, Carolyn Matthews, Ruby Biscuit and Barbara Craig

Moderation and Validation in Direct Entry Programs Swapshop: Are we there yet? Juliana Kendi, Dianne McKeagney & Nick Philippou

Looking for a Community of Practice? We'll show you the way Jose Lara & Lesley Speer

Raising up the Phoenix: reinvigorating a teaching culture following significant change Urica Lopez & Heather Swenddal

Strengthening the fundamentals - Australia's international education reform agenda Adam Luckhurst, Group Manager of the International Group in the Dept. of Education and Training

A Fresh Approach: Audio feedback on academic writing tasks Aida Markulin 

Innovation Showcase Catherine Moore & the Innovation Award winners and highly-commended

Austrade AIE2025 Kelly Ralston

Fostering independent learning: Insights from academic support Gwenny Warnick