English Australia Consultants Directory

The English Australia Consultants Directory Program is open to consultants with experience in the ELICOS industry and who specialise in the following areas of expertise: ASQA/TEQSA Assessment & Compliance, Marketing, Recruitment & Communication, Curriculum & Resource Development, Business/Management, Professional Development & Mentoring and Research.

What are the benefits of the program?

The program offers a range of benefits for consultants, including:

  • online promotion with a listing on the English Australia website (with name, contact details, category of expertise and a brief overview of services & specialisation);
  • continuous promotion to English Australia member colleges by English Australia;
  • access to the latest industry news and developments in English language teaching, legislative & regulatory changes, ELICOS statistics and other information.

 In addition to the basic benefits, consultants can access the following benefits for an additional fee:

  • regular professional development updates;
  • one copy of the English Australia Journal (published twice a year);
  • member rates for professional development events (excluding the annual English Australia Conference).

How much does it cost?

The cost of the program is AUS $180 (plus GST) per year for the principal benefits. For the additional benefits, there is an additional fee of AUS $120 pa (plus GST).

How to join

Click here for an application form. Contact the English Australia secretariat (02) 9264 4700, if you have any questions or problems.