2012 English Australia Conference presentations

The speakers listed below have agreed to share their presentation material on the 2012 English Australia Conference webpage.

Presentations have been posted in alphabetical order. Please note that none are peer reviewed.
Please note that the opinions expressed in the presentations do not necessarily represent those of English Australia.

Permission to use material within the presentations must be obtained from the presenter. 

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Pre-conference workshops

ELICOS Leaders Day

Mark McCrindle - ELICOS Future Forum (with responses)


Making learning technologies work for you

Nicky Hockly
Getting started with m-learning resources

Developing a personal learning network (Karen Benson, Lauren Brumfield, Nicky Hockly, Michael Griffiths, Sophia Khan, Kyle Smith)  

Twitter pecha kucha

Handouts on Google Reader, ScoopIt, Flipboard, Twitter & Blogs


Plenary presentations

Nicky Hockly
Digital literacies: re-shaping our teaching references

Catherine Walter
Should we be planning to teach grammar? If so, how? Handout


Concurrent sessions

Panel Presentations

The global ELT industry: current trends
Sue Blundell
David Matthews
Darren Conway

Using the ELT Barometer to drive increases in student satisfaction Sue Blundell, Kevin Brett, Dianne McKeagney

Working together to differentiate our destination
Tim Mahony
Mike Ryan



2012 Action Research in ELICOS Program & research outcomes summary


Melissa Barnes & Brett Manning
Encouraging communication through the use of Edmodo and Glogster

Lucy Blakemore
Technology engagement: so when's the wedding?

Ian Brown
Easy recorded online presentations on VoiceThread & handout

Darren Conway
What does ‘good’ look like? Input, process, output and outcomes in ELICOS quality assurance

Kathy Coutts & Beth Hutton
Back to the future: focusing on independent learning skills for direct-entry program students

Barbara Craig & Sandra Pitronaci
Jazz it up, teacher! Music Club promotes pronunciation, fluency and off-beat engagement in an ELT classroom Winner, Award for Contribution to Professional ELICOS Practice

Liz Kose & Simon Todd
Is it still raining cats and dogs? Using corpora to inform classroom teaching

Jason Longmore
What does Assessment for Learning hold for us?

Sharon Luhr & Carolin Long
Compliance: working with it in the present to re-shape the future

David McDonnell
L2-I2: Second language, second identity & handout

Steven Menczel
Becoming a mimic: getting the most out of pronunciation

Sheree Millen & Will Alderton
Developing a positive community of practice: Many challenges and some successes at Curtin English

Cynthia Newman
The slow extinction of the number 2 pencil: the evolution of technology of standardised ESL assessment

Susan Sharpe
New literacies for the global citizen: more than just English language

John Smith
Blended learning: what do students really want? & paper

Phal Vaughter
Engaging students in academic writing with task-based instruction

Samantha Webster, Dianne McKeagney & Juliana Kendi
Management of students at risk: advancing through collaboration

Bryan Whitefield
Future-proofing: Managing uncertainty in ELICOS program delivery


Information sessions

Best practices in boutique homestays can make a big difference
Christine Rose, Auzzie Families Homestay

Unfortunately Christine was not able to present her slides at the conference. Anyone wishing information from AHN's presentation can contact Ella Balsamo, ebalsamo@homestaynetwork.org.