Advisory Groups

The English Australia Board establishes a number of Advisory Groups and Committees to support the work of the association.


Professional Development Advisory Group

Purpose    Members 
To further the strategic goal of facilitating higher levels of professional practice by
1. advising on existing and potential English Australia strategies and initiatives to achieve the strategic goal;
2. assisting the English Australia Professional Support & Development Officer to develop a strategy to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of English Australia’s professional development initiatives and activities;
3. providing suggestions eg appropriate speakers, topics/themes and content for the English Australia Conference or topics for the annual Action Research in ELICOS program and professional development program;
4. facilitating intelligence-sharing and networking within and outside Australian ELICOS & TESOL. 
English Australia Board representatives:
Donna Cook, ACU QLD
Member college reps:
Jennifer Coster, Monash UELC
Ian McGregor, QUT College
John Smith, GELI
Anne-marie Wright, UWA CELT

External reps:
Dr Phil Chappell, Macquarie University, and Executive Editor, English Australia Journal
Cath Moore, ELT Professional Services
Sophie O'Keefe (Secretariat)


 Profiling & Promotions Advisory Group

Purpose    Members 
To provide guidance and feedback to English Australia in relation to initiatives that:
- further the strategic goal of the association intended to ensure market growth and diversification for English Australia member colleges, and;
- add value to members’ marketing activities and leverage benefits to members from government and other stakeholder activity in the area of profiling and promotions.
John Paxton (PICE) (Convenor)
Tim Field (Swinburne College)
Ian Pratt (Lexis English)
Miles Mackenzie (Langports)
Phillip Fredericks (ICTE-UQ)
Ian Aird (Greenwich English College)
Ruby Biscuit (Ability English)
Mark Bailey (Embassy CES)
Mandy Cooper (Secretariat)


Action Research Program Advisory Group

Purpose    Members 
The English Australia  Action Research Program Advisory Group was established to support the implementation of the English Australia/ Cambridge ESOL Action Research in ELICOS Program.  The brief for the Advisory Group is:
- to provide initial and ongoing advice on the set up and implementation of the program;
- to monitor achievement of project milestones.   
Donna Cook, (ACU QLD)
Robert Youngs, (UTAS, TAS)
Professor Anne Burns (UNSW)
Sian Morgan (Cambridge UK)
Markus Maciulaitus (Cambridge)
Sophie O'Keefe (Secretariat)


Risk & Audit Committee

Purpose    Members 
The English Australia Risk & Audit Committee was established to assist the Board to fulfill its corporate governance responsibilities in relation to the association’s financial reporting, internal control systems, external audit functions as well as oversighting the organisations risk management framework. 
Marc Weedon-Newstead (Convenor)
Richard Arkell
Ian McGregor
Ian Aird
Brett Blacker (Secretariat - as required)
External Auditor (as required)


Nominations Committee

Purpose    Members 
The English Australia Nominations Committee was established to ensure effective succession planning for the organisation in relation to Board members and the Chief Executive Officer position.
Marc Weedon-Newstead (Convenor)
Richard Arkell
Kerry Sutcliffe
Ian McGregor
Cynthia Kralik
Brett Blacker (Secretariat - as required)


English Australia Conference 2018 Program Committee

Purpose    Members 
The branch of the conference host state/territory each year is responsible for putting together a Program Committee of around 6 staff from member colleges. 
The 2018 Committee committee is made up of members from the English Australia NSW Branch. Their work includes:
- contribute to the selection of conference presentations;
- participate in meetings and key decisions to support the conference   planning;
- assist in promoting the conference;
- attend the conference, chair sessions & assist as required. 
Ademir Cortes, (ELC) (Convenor)
Alex Cadman (Navitas English)
Lucas Chiusoli (International House)
Svetlana Lukovic (ACU)
Angie Nazim (UNSW Global)
Mark Theakstone (Embassy English)
Jennifer Wallace (UTS:Insearch)
Sophie O'Keefe (Secretariat)