2011 English Australia Conference presentations

Click on the titles below to access PDF files of PowerPoint presentations submitted from the 2011 Conference. Presentations have been posted in alphabetical order. Please note that none are peer reviewed.

Please note that the opinions expressed in the presentations do not necessarily represent those of English Australia.

Permission to use material within the presentations must be obtained from the presenter.


Plenary presentations

Andy Hockley
Seeing both the wood and the trees: Leadership & management in challenging times

Peter Woods
Internationalisation in the classroom: strategies and issues in producing global citizens


Concurrent sessions

PANEL SESSION: 2020 vision: positioning ELICOS for the next 10 years
Steve Nerlich
Anne Holmes
Andy Kirkpatrick
Tim Eckenfels

PANEL SESSION: Building the market for working holiday makers
Marie Hill
Gavin Dowling

PANEL SESSION: The changing ELICOS regulatory environment - what it means to you
Anne Holmes
Diane Orr

English Australia/ Cambridge ESOL action research colloquium

Lucy Blakemore & Katrina Hennigan
Adventures in Wonderland: an interactive tour of 6 impossible thing-Es

Anne Burns
Pronunciation teaching in a globalised English world

Marianne Chaffe & Lawrence Fitzgerald
Facilitating learner progress and achievement: Middle Eastern students at UWS College

Katie Dunworth
An investigation into critical success factors for students transitioning from pathway programs to university study

Jon Fawcett
A Tale of Three Cities: is Weather Panic the new normal?

Michael Griffiths
Understanding the 'smart' in smartphones

Marie Hill
Future unlimited – the new brand for international education in Australia & what it means for you

Mary Jane Hogan & David Larbalestier
Bringing the CEFR into curriculum and assessment in ELICOS

Mary Jane Hogan & Victoria Strutt
Designing a test preparation course: Pearson Test of English Academic

Patrick Hoppe & Saman Ranabahu
Shedding the myths of formative assessment in EAP: developmental strategies for EAP success

Paresh Kevat
Business Intelligence in the ELICOS sector

Ruth Laxton & Adele Pitkeathly
Curriculum renewal: the how, not the what

Betty Leask
Connecting with the research agenda in international education

Sylvia Mackie, Rachel Mackie & Adrian Smith
EGAP, ESP and ESAP: modifying curricula and teaching materials to satisfy the changing requirements of EAP

Sheree Millen & David Matthews
Putting the 'English' back into EAP

Ceara McManus
Intonation, naturally: exploring the teaching and learning of intonation in theory and practice

Jakub Novak
Making English tests accessible to students with disabilities: the TOEFL experience

Patrick Pheasant
From the anaesthetic to the aesthetic: process drama in TESOL

Nick Saville
Assessment literacy for language teachers

Jemma Still
Towards higher standards for agents: a non-regulatory approach

Annie Thode
Study plans: the use and effectiveness of study plans for ESOL learners

Petr Vodvarka
Look east! Education Opportunities in Central and Eastern Europe

Denise Von Wald
Connecting international students with the local community: the SA model


Information Sessions

English Australia included in the program a number of sessions where delegates can be updated on information and/or services available from organisations or businesses with a close relationship to ELICOS. The content of these sessions may be based on a product or service.

Katrina Hennigan & Christina Tandog (Pearson)
Improving student outcomes using blended learning: a case study

Nick Saville (Cambridge ESOL)
Comparing test results: IELTS and Cambridge CAE