2017 Program


2017 Action Research Program participants: (back) Geoff Larsen, Ashley Carmody, Julia Gibbons, Ramesh Presser, Penny Podimatopoulos, Sharn Hammond, An Sneyers; (front) Melissa Oldroyd, Professor Anne Burns (key reference person), Sophie O'Keefe (English Australia) and Keren Stead Bomfim

Research Theme

The Action Research in ELICOS Program research theme for 2017 is teaching, learning and assessing listening. 

The 2017 program is interested in identifying effective classroom interaction practices that enhance and integrate listening skills development and take into account the assessment of learner progress and/or achievement. Below are suggestions for possible areas that could lend themselves to action research. 

This year, 9 participants from 6 different colleges have been selected to participate in the program:




Project Focus

Melissa Oldroyd &

An Sneyers

Monash College

Using active listening skills to improve listening comprehension in  8 expository discussions 

Penny Podimatopoulos &

Sharn Hammond

University of Wollongong College

SIP and Listen: How does raising awareness of stress and intonation, and pausing, affect students’ listening skills?  


Ramesh Presser &

Ashley Carmody

La Trobe Melbourne

How mobile based technologies influence the teaching of listening and student engagement in listening tasks

Keren Stead Bomfim

Centre for English Teaching, The University of Sydney

How can teaching phonemic awareness impact on students’ listening (& note-taking) skills? 

Geoff Larsen


Kaplan International English, Sydney

Exploring the effects of metacognitive and grammatical awareness on students' listening of short bursts of speech

Julia Gibbons



Comparing the outcomes of student controlled and teacher controlled micro-listening tasks


Key Dates for the 2017 Action Research Program   
Call for Expressions of Interest 5 December 2016
Expressions of Interest deadline 1 February 2017
Workshop 1 in Sydney 9-10 March 2017
Workshop 2 in Sydney 4 August 2017
Workshop 3 in Adelaide at the English Australia Conference 20 September 2017 
Action Research Colloquium at the English Australia Conference     21 September 2017



To find out more, please contact the English Australia PD Manager, Sophie O'Keefe at sophieokeefe@englishaustralia.com.au or phone (02) 9264 4700.