2017 English Australia Conference

The 2017 English Australia Conference was held in Adelaide on 20-22 September, 2017 at the Adelaide Hilton with a theme of 'Empowering Global Citizens.'

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Much of the positive feedback about the Conference focused on the high quality of the presentations and English Australia would like to thank all who presented and have also agreed to share their slides here with the ELICOS community.

Below are PDFs of speakers' presentation materials organised by day and in alphabetical order by surname.

Please note that the opinions expressed in these presentations do not necessarily represent those of English Australia and that the presentations have not been peer reviewed. Please also note that permission to use material within the presentations should be obtained from the presenter. Contact English Australia for presenters' details at easec@englishaustralia.com.au.

Conference slides

Wednesday 20 September workshops


Dealing with resistance and managing conflict,  ELT Consultant in Educational Management: Change/Conflict Management

New Directions in Materials Design for Teachers Lindsay Clandfield, award-winning write

Thursday 21 September plenary sessions

Critical thinking in action Lindsay Clandfield, award-winning writer

Managing up: how you can be both effective and successful, Andy Hockley, Educational Management Consultant

The Future of English Language Testing Joanna Raskin, Regional Commercial Head, Cambridge Assessment English


Thursday 21 September concurrent sessions

Student leadership journeys Ahmed Ademoglu & Manfred Mletsin

How to survive and thrive amidst the commoditisation of ELT Ian Aird

ELICOS - The impact of policy and global market trends on performance Brett Blacker

2017 Action Research in ELICOS Colloquium: teaching, learning and assessing listening Anne Burns, Sophie OKeefe and the 2017 Action Research in ELICOS Program participants

Practical methods to equip language learners for 21st century contexts Benjamin Carkagis

Write for the English Australia Journal Phil Chappell & Sophia Khan

Gamifying the international student experience through CET's Student Engagement Program Robert Chasse

The Medellin Initiative - empowering underpriviledged youth & creating opportunities in Colombia Philippa Coleman

Where does empowerment begin? World Cafe on Continuing Professional Development in TESOL Philippa Coleman, Rufus James, Clare Magee, Sophie O'Keefe & Fiona Wiebusch

From the classroom to class-roam: redefining the ESL learning experience with VR Michelle Cowans

Attracting millenials: social+video=QLD's no.1 driver of students  Steve Crombie & Patrick Hafenstein

Getting students in the mindset for IELTS Peter Croshwaite

Empowering a culture of Student-Alumni connections Gretchen Dobson

Designing and implementing support for 'at risk' students Brooke Donnelly & Aparna Jacob

Bright Ideas 1: practical teaching ideas by state winners of the Bright Ideas competition Sue Gollagher Sandra Houghton & Vesna Stefanov

The ESOS Ethos: Reform of the National Code and ELICOS Standards Jessica Haag & Angela Zhang

Using online interaction to foster creativity, collaboration and critical thinking Jill Hadfield

Student visa program update, following implementation of the Simplified Student Visa Framework Jane Honner

Graduate outcomes of students with English as an additional language (EAL) Pamela Humphreys

Developing 21st century teachers Sophia Khan & Clare McGrath

An innovative approach to delivering English language study and global citizenship Taryn Mathis

99 reasons to use mobile phones in class ... and beyond Virginia Mawer

Why and how we prepare PTE Academic candidates online Jarrad Merlo

Empowering global citizens through quality assurance in international education and training Patrick Pheasant

GESL - green ESL for a sustainable future Janine Rainbow & Ali Shasavand

Putting students at the heart of your strategy Keith Stanley

Introducing a new Homestay Host 'Mentoring' program Ryan Svarc


Friday 22 September plenary sessions

ELT and social justice: opportunities in a time of chaos JJ Wilson, ELT author

The GrEAt Debate: 'Social networks are not real communities' Nicki Blake (moderator); for: Callum Cowell, Rufus James & Richard Warner; against Lindsay Clandfield, Jill Hadfield & Clare McGrath


Friday 22 September concurrent sessions

How to improve mental toughness to manage challenges Michelle Bakjac

Empower our teachers: the rest will follow Trish Behan

Power and influence: coming into it and wielding it wisely Ruby Biscuit, Donna Cook, Sasha Hampson, Aparna Jacob, Cynthia Kralik, Katherine Olston, Sandra Pitronaci & Gizelle Rezende

Four stepts to future proof your career Nicki Blake, Gretchen Dobson & Gordon Scott

The Making of MeetELT: empowering teachers to think, share and act together Lucy Blakemore & Lucy Worthington

The CPD Framework reflections and insights 1 year on Sandra Caon-Parsons, Jennifer Coster, Paula Dimmell & Melissa Reed & moderator Sophie O'Keefe

English for the zombie apocalypse Lindsay Clandfield

Empowering your team to power up your LTO Lucas Chiusoli

English, communication skills and employability in the global marketplace (World Café) Donna Cook & Catherine Moore

Global power shifting through innovation: the evolution of an exam preparation MOOC Martin Dutton & Henno Kotze

How drama can help global citizens to flourish in English environments Melinda Gamlen

Unlock the potential of campus premises Chris Green

Automated writing feedback: how do our students respond? James Heath

Bright Ideas 2: practical teaching ideas by the state winners of the Bright Ideas competition Aaron Jolly, Camille Landy & Rani Thomas

Curriculum renewal: a systematic approach to technology enhanced learning Juliana Kendi & Santina Sculli

The three R's of regulation: rules, risk and remedy Vipan Mahajan, Monica McFadyen & Greg Simmons with moderator Brett Blacker

Presentation skills VS traditional homework Patrick Painter

Reverse bootcamp: dependence to independence in a 10 week DE course Robert Puffett

Sharpening market focus - where to compete? Robert Scanlon

Culture and language: culturally embedded spoken English for international students Marta Spes-Skrbis

Career preparation vs test preparation: navigating competing demands in the test preparation classroom David Wiltshire