2013 English Australia Conference presentations

The speakers listed below have agreed to share PDFs of their presentation material.  

Presentations have been posted in alphabetical order. Please note that none are peer reviewed.

Please note that the opinions expressed in the presentations do not necessarily represent those of English Australia.

Please note: Permission to use material within the presentations must be obtained from the presenter.

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Pre-conference workshops

Scott Thornbury Why are we still teaching the wrong grammar the wrong way?

Hanan Khalifa Assessment Masterclass Best practice in assessing writing: getting the test specifications and questions right


Plenary presentations

Andrew Lee Cultivating curiosity

Anne Burns Teaching speaking in the English language classroom: what’s involved?

Jim Elliott Mental health issues and international students: context and response

Scott Thornbury The learning body (and references)


Concurrent sessions

Panel presentations

2013 Action Research in ELICOS colloquium and summary

CISA project: ‘I am not Australian but I have an Australian story’ Shufaa Athman, Marie Christelle Collet, Sharon Shan and Thomson Ch’ng

How do ASQA, TEQSA and the TPS approach risk management?
Christiana Knapman, Vipan Mahajan and David Congreve

Perspectives on quality in ELICOS English Australia (Ian Aird) and NEAS (Denise Taylor)


Will Alderton and Amber Glaskin Freedom of expression: liberating direct entry students in a mature learning environment

Pranit Anand and Didi Kello Learning from Confucian values to inform Australian teaching practices

Dafne Araya Campos Taking the myth out of teaching pronunciation

Katherine Brandon Best practice in Direct Entry Programs

Liam Brown From passion to performance: what does it mean to work here?

Philip Chappell Unpacking the talk of Dogme in ELT classrooms: dialogic teaching Handout

Jennifer Coster and Cynthia Kralik Aligning and re-calibrating the EAP curriculum: meeting the needs of students transitioning to further study

Warwick Edmonds Using trust-building drama activities in the class

Nicole Gallahar and John Gardiner One size fits all? A test preparation course for multiple exams

Robyn Gentemann and Seamus Fagan From teacher-led social activities to volunteer work and community engagement

Doris Gibb Improve your student support services through best practice complaints handling

Jill Hadfield Motivating our learners: actualising the vision

Brad Hughes Bringing pragmatics into an EAP curriculum

Jenny Kessell Integrating digital technologies into a higher education ESL teaching and learning environment

Hanan Khalifa Exploring assessment in context: Implications for ELICOS

Rachel Mackie and Vesna Stefanov Student engagement in ELICOS: Management, marketing and classroom perspectives

Santina Sculli Creating an academic community for post-graduate ELICOS students

Jade Sleeman Using Moodle online tools for writing practice in ELICOS courses

Michelle Tamala Improving classroom practice through the effective use of student learner journals

Padma Wong and Rika Wylde Dyslexia in second language classes 101

Barb Wood Strengthening management and leadership practices in international education


Information sessions

Cambridge English Lighting the fire of professional development

ETS TOEIC New online resources for blended English language learning

OHSC Worldcare Student welcome package