2010 English Australia Conference presentations

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Please note that the opinions expressed in the presentations do not necessarily represent those of English Australia.

Permission to use material within the presentations must be obtained from the presenter.


Plenary presentations

Jun Liu
Keynote address: The future of English language teaching II

Steve Simpson
Introducing UGRs: The way we really do things around here

Gavin Dudeney
New literacies, teachers and learners


Concurrent sessions

English Australia/ Cambridge ESOL action research colloquium
Presentation & research summaries

ELICOS Marketing Forum

Carol Aeschliman & Kathleen Mendan
The i-generation: Moving from paper-based to online assessment

Sally Ashton-Hay & Rossana McDade
Revisiting and revitalizing collaborative learning & Handout

Jeanette Baird
AUQA Good Practice standards workshop

Danny Bielik
Flim-flams, fakes & fraudsters: The myth of marketing managers in education

Sue Blundell & Rod Hearps
Understanding current agent perceptions of Australia

Dan Bruce
Effective participatory management: An alternative to performance management

Kerrie Burow
Using Google Docs for online collaboration

Helen Cook & Eileen Tyson
New opportunities in mature markets

Toni Dobinson
The Asian learner: Done and dusted or in need of more discussion?

Gavin Dudeney
New literacies: From theory to practice workshop

Michael Fay
The role of the English language sector in the development of international soft diplomacy: Comparing Australia and the UK

Philip Fredericks
Developing a comprehensive marketing plan

Jan Hayes & Margaret Miller
Is a little knowledge a dangerous thing or a powerful instrument?

Katrina Hennigan & Lucy Blakemore
A bite of the apple: Real life takes on e-learning

Jenelle Klintworth & David Flowers
The elephant in the (class)room: Managing challenging student behavior & Handout

Andrew Monaghan
Facilitating interaction between domestic and international programs

Steve Nerlich & Anne Holmes
Profiling the ELICOS sector

Jennifer Petrie
Wiki: A support tool to assist and support homestay families

Neil Roberts
Swearing: Where the bloody hell are you?

Vernon Spain
Using Moodle to create online courses

Marian Star
Managing a homestay program: The good, the bad and the ugly

Adam Wright
Expanding syntax and lexis knowledge: Helping teachers answer the difficult grammar/vocabulary questions


Information sessions

English Australia included in the program a number of sessions where delegates can be updated on information and/or services available from organisations or businesses with a close relationship to ELICOS. The content of these sessions may be based on a product or service.


Celebrating TOEIC’s 30th birthday: Mature, too old or still developing?
Ken Alexander

Password online testing: The solution to assessing language competency and providing student support
Alan Baldock

International student service: A 24 hour commitment (Mondial Assistance)
Brett Blacker

Homestay compliance and new business opportunities for ELICOS (Australian Homestay Network)
David Bycroft

Item types in Pearson Test of English (Academic): What is really being tested?
Mary Jane Hogan

Technology to Teach & Assess Writing (Vantage Learning)
Melanie Todd

Ensuring quality and reliability in scoring TOEFL IBT speaking and writing
Dan Tumposky