Partner Agency Program

About the Program

The English Australia Partner Agency Program recognises, supports and promotes those education and language travel agents who are successfully recruiting students for quality English language programs in Australia.

English Australia recognises that agents operate in a highly competitive environment. Joining this program allows agents to distinguish the quality of their services from competitors, through their status as an English Australia Partner Agent.

What are the benefits of joining the English Australia Partner Agency Program?

Upon acceptance into the program, the agency will receive the following benefits:

  • the English Australia logo kit and brand guidelines and the right to use the English Australia affiliate logo on their own marketing collateral as defined by the guidelines;
  • an official certificate for display in their office(s);
  • a profile on the English Australia website with a hyperlink to the agency's own website;
  • promotion of their English Australia website profile to English Australia networks including member colleges, students and the media; and
  • access to resources and information to assist with recruitment of students  for quality English language programs in Australia.

Are we eligible to join the English Australia Partner Agency Program?

In order to be eligible to join the English Australia Partner Agency Program, an agency must be able to provide contact details for staff within 4 English Australia member colleges that they have a current agreement with and have recruited students for in the last year. These staff members must have a successful working relationship with the agency and must be prepared to provide a written reference.

Applications will only be considered for acceptance if the agency:

  • works to the high standards and business ethics of English Australia and its member colleges;
  • commits to the London Statement, a high‑level Statement of Principles promoting best practice among education agents and consultants that provide services to international students;
  • has strategies in place to ensure that all staff are knowledgeable about studying and living in Australia. Agencies may consider the online Education Agent Training Course for their staff. 

How much does it cost?

The cost to join the English Australia Partner Agency Program is AUS $180 (+GST if applicable) for a 2 year period. Agencies that are members of an agent association listed on the FELCA website  (including SALTA) will receive a 50% discount so the cost will be AUS $90 (+GST if applicable). This is to recognise commitment to your national association. Agencies will be charged 1 fee for 1 global company name and will have the right to apply the benefits of the program to all offices under the same name. If your agency has more than 10 offices, an additional fee will be charged as follows:

11 - 20 offices    additional AUS $20

21 - 30 offices    additional AUS $40

31 - 40 offices    additional AUS $60

41 - 50 offices    additional AUS $80

Over 50 offices   additional AUS $100

Agencies will need to re-submit their application every 2 years to maintain their status on the program.

Which agencies are members of the program?

Please click here for a listing of current English Australia partner agencies.

How do we join?

To join the English Australia Partner Agency Program, please download an application form

Further information

If you require further information, please email us at