Assumptions of the CPD Framework

  • The English Australia CPD Framework uses the European Profiling Grid as a basis to define the development stages of teachers and to identify their areas of development in terms of core competencies and experience expected at each stage.
  • The Framework works on the assumption that ELICOS teachers employed at member colleges meet the regulatory requirements in terms of the necessary qualifications and language proficiency to be able to teach in ELICOS centres in Australia.
  • The Framework is not designed to cater to English teachers in the AMEP Sector, VET English or Primary and Tertiary Education (unless delivering ELICOS courses).
  • The framework works on the assumption that teachers will not necessarily be at the same phase of development for each of their teaching competencies and that their development phases may be unbalanced.
  • The Framework will draw upon various models such as the the Cambridge English Teaching Framework and other models developed internally at member colleges to identify resources suitable for inclusion in the framework. English Australia will also seek feedback through a process of industry consultation at a national level to hear firsthand, what resources members would like added to the framework. For this reason, the framework is expected to evolve and be fine-tuned over the next few years as resources are added or deleted.
  • The activities included in the Framework will not be formally assessed. However, a weighting is accorded to each activity and participants will be issued a certificate of attendance for English Australia PD activities. These could be used as proof of individual PD undertaken.
  • The Framework will be offered to member institutions as a free service.
  • It is assumed that teachers can undertake activities from the CPD Framework in conjunction with any other PD their institution offers or requires them to undertake.