English Australia CPD Framework

The English Australia Continuing Professional Development Framework (CPD Framework) is a professional development tool for ELICOS teachers. Through its use member colleges can guide teachers towards a range of professional development opportunities which meet individuals' goals, teaching contexts and interests as well as colleges' teacher-training needs. 

Using the CPD Framework


Step 1: Teachers' professional development (PD) needs are determined


Step 2: Teachers match their PD needs to resources from the English Australia CPD Framework Grid

Current CPD Resources (regularly updated)

More about CPD Framework weightings


Step 3: Teachers record their PD activities

Download CPD Record Template 

Recording CPD activities is essential not only for keeping track of your learning but also to reflect on new knowledge and make plans to experiment with it in your teaching.  The CPD Record template, in conjunction with any Statements of Attendance, can be used as proof of activities teachers have engaged in and can be referred to in annual reviews and job applications. 

Example CPD Record Template

Step 4: Teachers reflect on PD activities undertaken, discuss these activities with peers, plan to experiment with relevant new learning in the classroom and then share this experimentation with others.

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